Emerging Artist Initiative (EAI) is a grassroots effort to address the immediate financial needs of young and emerging artists and arts administrators.

We established the Emerging Artist Relief Fund, raising over $10,000 to fund 21 emerging BIPOC, transgender, individuals with different abilities, and rural artists. The Emerging Artist Relief Fund is no longer accepting applications due to overwhelming demand.



EAI is not a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit; therefore, donations at this time are not tax-deductible. When you donate to EAI, your funds are deposited into a separate bank account managed by multiple members of our team for accountability and accuracy. We then transfer those funds to PayPal, which we use to distribute emergency relief gifts to those emerging artists who are awarded funding. EAI is a volunteer effort led by emerging artists; we do not keep any profit from donations. 

If you have any additional questions about a donation to EAI, please contact emergingartistinitiative@gmail.com. We have also established an Advisory Board of arts professionals across the country for fundraising and gift distribution guidance.