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The Emerging Artist Relief Fund was formed to address the immediate financial need of young and emerging artists who have been displaced due to COVID-19. Emerging Artist Initiative (EAI) is not a 501(c)(3) nonprofit at this time, as we wanted to begin fundraising and distributing financial gifts as soon as possible, rather than waiting 9+ months for nonprofit status. To put it simply, EAI is a collective of young arts professionals, fundraising to give $500 financial gifts to other young artists. 


We have established thorough procedures and systems to ensure that our operations are transparent and understandable for our generous donors, relief fund applicants, and supporters. Our Advisory Board of arts professionals maintains donation and fund distribution oversight throughout the entire relief fund process. This team has access to all Emerging Artist Relief Fund financial and payment processing records.


To a young artist. It’s that simple!


When you donate to the Emerging Artist Relief Fund, your funds are deposited into a bank account managed by multiple members of our team for accountability and accuracy. We then transfer those funds to PayPal, which we use to distribute emergency relief gifts to those emerging artists who are awarded funding. 


At EAI, funding young artists is our priority. 97.8% of your donation goes directly to a young artist in need. The 2.2% that doesn’t go to young artists is absolved through our third-party payment processing platforms: Facebook (Fundraiser) and PayPal. 

EAI is a completely volunteer effort led by young arts professionals; we do not keep any profit from donations.


(Facebook & PayPal)


Our Relief Assessment Team of seven young arts professionals reviewed over 1,700 applications from emerging artists across the country. When reviewing applications, we took the following into consideration: proof of artistic practice, the emerging artist statement, the declaration of need, and priority funding group status. Each application was reviewed and scored by multiple members of our Relief Assessment Team, and given a holistic evaluation based on all parts of the submission. We also established a Conflict of Interest policy, where Relief Assessment Team members abstained from reviewing or scoring any applications in which they knew an applicant or felt that a personal connection to the application would influence their review. 

If you have any other questions about donating to EAI or about the Relief Fund, please email us at:

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